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EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – Nearly a week after a senior in need turned to KFOR for help, you at home delivered again.

Betty McGoffin’s tree trouble caused quite a stir in the In Your Corner inbox.

We first visited her El Reno home earlier this month. Seasonal winds had whipped her neighbor’s tree past its breaking point.

As a result, large branches fell onto her lines and knocked out her power.

“I had no electricity. I had no warmth,” Betty said. “No nothing in my house.”

She lost all the food in her fridge, and had to call on family to help pay for an electrician.

It was the second time the tree had taken aim at her power. The senior, on a fixed income, called on the owner of the rent home next door to trim his tree to a reasonable level.

“I feel like the landlord should do it, this is his tree,” Betty said. “Like I said I can’t afford to have it done again. I think he should man up and pay for it.”

The landlord though has ducked Betty and News 4’s phone calls.

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James White and Betty McGoffin, image KFOR

So we put out the call for help, and the response was immediate.

“Well, I got your call out, and you know we do trees,” said James White, with White’s Arbor Care. “We love what we do. So we decided to come and help.”

James first scoped out the project last week. Once on scene though, he found a local teen had already taken up the challenge.

“Got a phone call that a lady needed help from my grandpa,” said Wyatt Bynum, who lives nearby. “Didn’t have anything going on on Friday, so I came out and take a look and decided not to tackle it.”

Wyatt also brought along a friend of his, who plans to start his own tree trimming business.

The job gave James a chance to show this next generation of arborists the ropes. In no time at all, the pros and proteges had it knocked out.

Betty now has peace of mind for when the next storm rolls in.

“Oh, I’m thrilled, absolutely,” she added.