OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After being stolen last week, an Oklahoma City restaurant’s truck was finally found several miles from where it was originally taken.

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“I can’t believe it was actually found, would you look at that,” said Charles Smith who owns Leo’s Barbecue at Northeast 36th Street and Kelley in Oklahoma City.

Southwest 22nd and Laird in Oklahoma City.

KFOR did a story last Friday about how Smith’s truck was stolen overnight Wednesday.

He said it meant a lot to him, having owned it for just over a decade and having been gifted it by a friend who passed away from cancer.

“I’m so glad they found it because it meant the world to me,” said Smith. “The guy that helped me get the truck was Kenneth Dawkins from Note City.”

A look at the recovered truck with the strawberry cake sticker removed.

The vehicle was found near Southeast 22nd and Laird in Oklahoma City over the weekend.

“Yeah I got a call from a woman over there that said she was watching KFOR or News Channel 4 and she recognized my truck so she called me,” said Smith. “KFOR you were in my corner and I love it.”

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Smith said they are going to work on reopening the physical Leo’s BBQ but that it might take longer than expected still.

“I’m just so happy that we were able to find it. Thank you to the viewers and thank you to everyone that helped out,” said Smith.