STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) — News Channel 4 is always looking out for you!

The station recently shared a story out of Stillwater about a homeowner out thousands of dollars for a broken sewer line.

Sue Miller said the damage was done by an AT&T contractor who was working in her neighborhood.

“Bore through somebodys sewer line … I mean you know you did it,” she said Friday in an interview with News 4.

Sue paid thousands out of pocket for repairs, had to spend a night in a hotel and was left with a big mess in her front yard.

“I wasn’t trying to rip anybody off I just wanted to be reimbursed for what we were out” she said Friday in an interview with KFOR.

But, Sue said no one would take responsibility; when she filed claims for reimbursements, both AT&T and their contractors denied her requests.

“I had been getting stonewalled …everybody kept, not my fault, not my fault,” said Sue, saying she was planning to eventually file against the companies in small claims court.

“When you come and you mess something up at somebodys home then you should fix it,” Sue continued.

But days after the In Your Corner team stepped in, Sue said she received a check in the mail.

“[I] got results, got reimbursed for the sewer line…this is marvelous,” she said, adding that the company also sent a crew to clean up and re-sod her yard for free.

“Just very thankful I called Channel 4,” she said.

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