OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Persistence pays off for a local tenant, owed thousands of dollars by a previous landlord she claimed has ignored a judge’s orders.

After months of inaction, finally resolution for a metro mother.

You may remember Sammi Hodack from last year. She lived off SE 48th Terrace a few years ago.

The family of four at the time faced plumbing problems in 2020 amidst a frigid winter.

“The first toilet in the main bathroom was overflowing,” Sammi explained when we first met. “Water all the way out into the hallway.”

Through her lease agreement, Sammi was to pay up to $200 in repairs.

But she says the $200 didn’t cut it, and problems persisted. The situation ultimately lead to a lawsuit against her landlord Ravi Singh, and his company KRC Trading.

“So at that point we had had enough,” said Sammi. “That’s when we filed paperwork to get a lawsuit.”

Singh is not new to In Your Corner.

He also owned SNS Apartments, where residents called News 4 in droves claiming they had been without hot water for weeks. They also claimed to have had no word from management on when the issue would be resolved.

The apartment complex was in the midst of an ownership transition when News 4 first investigated.

Residents told News 4, the water issues pre-dated the sale of the property, but Singh still pointed the finger at the new management.

“Well tenants were taken care of until I handed the property,” he explained last year. “Now it’s been new owner for more than a week or so.”

As for Sammi’s story, Singh was unresponsive to News 4’s requests for comment.

He also didn’t show up for his initial court date.

“He didn’t show up, so the judge asked us what was going on,” said Sammi. “We told him the whole story. He said fine, awarded everything to us.”

The judgement came to just over $3300, which Sammi has been trying to collect ever since.

But finally some good news for Sammi. Nearly a year after our story ran, she followed up with In Your Corner.

She tells our team, local legal group Trinity Legal took up her case pro-bono, and moved to garnish Singh’s bank account for the $3300, plus interest.

Sammi says she collected nearly $3800, and hopes this will finally help provide some closure.