MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A local mother is on a mission to get her daughter’s birth certificate. The toddler recently turned two, and still doesn’t have much of her needed documentation.

Everly Rose is quite a handful for her mother Amber Agnew.

“So Everly is a little daredevil like her dad,” Amber noted. “She’s also very creative, and very intelligent.”

Unfortunately, Everly’s also almost entirely off the grid says Amber, despite being more than two years old.

Everly’s story starts in the early days of the pandemic. Amber gave birth in May of 2020.

She tells News 4 she was in the process of separating from her estranged husband, which continues to this day.

Amber wanted Everly’s biological father’s name on the birth certificate instead, a request that traditionally can complicate these documents.

“[The hospital told me] that I have to go through the process of submitting her birth certificate myself,” Amber said. “Because of the pandemic, you could no longer go up to the office and just turn in paperwork and all of that. You had to mail everything in.”

Amber says she spoke with Vital Records for months, eventually gathering all pertinent materials. Most important of which was a Denial of Parentage sheet, which was signed by her estranged husband to clear the way for the birth certificate.

“I got a hold of [Vital Records], and they told me that they received it,” Amber explained. “But they couldn’t tell me anything because ‘Paternity’ was a different department that was completely closed to the public.”

What followed, Amber says, has been months more of back and forth with the state, and still no documentation for her toddler.

In fact, little Everly was once hospitalized with COVID-19. Amber says without a birth certificate, social security card etc., that bill is still up in the air.

[Everly] can’t receive any sort of benefits without a birth certificate and Social Security card,” said Amber. “So right now, that hospital bill is kind of in purgatory.”

She’s not alone in her fight.

News 4 met another mother just last week, who’s been waiting months for a copy of her 1-year-old’s birth certificate.

“I haven’t been able to get any of his benefits,” Jordan Jennett told News 4. “I haven’t been able to provide for our family like I should because of a birth certificate.”

Vital Records told News 4 then, they had cut a backlog of records requests in half since the beginning of this year.

As for Amber’s situation, hopefully some good news on the horizon.

The State Department of Health responded to News 4 with a statement, saying resolution could be in sight:

“We received a form from Mom that was unfortunately incomplete, but are happy to share that it has now been resolved. We encourage all new parents to work with their birth clerks before going home to make sure all forms that are required by state law are completed in order to avoid delays.  Birth records are permanent, legal identity documents and serve to establish the legal parentage of a child. It’s vitally important for all required forms to be filled out timely, completely and accurately, so we are able to issue the record and the child and parents are able to access important benefits and services e.g. insurance and other health benefits.

For those that have questions on concerns about vital records documents, please call (405)426-8880 or visit for guidance on addressing missing documentation or other issues.”

Amber confirmed with News 4 she’s been in contact with the state, and is cautiously optimistic.

We’ll check back.