YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A neighborhood is still left waiting for help, after spending more than $50-thousand on road repairs. 

When last we stopped by the Pecan Grove neighborhood, the roads were in rough shape. All along the neighborhood, we found several patches of road with buckling, crumbling asphalt. 

Oddly enough, these patches were part of road repairs just months before.

The neighborhood association paid local contractor, Ro-Ky Construction, in May of 2021 to fix cracks and certain patches of road. 

“We entered into a contract with them in May of 2021,” said Don Anderson, president of the neighborhood association. “We gave him $25,000 advance on it. And at that point, that’s when the trouble started.”

The down payment came from homeowners association dues, which were raised and collected over a four year period. In all, the neighborhood paid Ro-Ky just over $51-thousand to complete the job. 

But they claim the work wouldn’t start for another 9 months. Their group eventually sent a demand letter, claiming breach of contract. 

“I called him numerous times and we visited,” explained Don. “He would tell me each time that he would come back out, he would start, but wouldn’t.”

The job finally began in January, and finished up in April. But when we stopped by in October, many of the repairs were already buckling and crumbling. 

Some neighbors were left wondering exactly what their $51-thousand bought. 

“It looks like it just caved in,” said BJ Hensley. “Like they dug it out, and it didn’t pack in very well.”

News 4 spoke with Ro-Ky. A representative told our team it was likely busses, or large trucks that caused the damage. 

They also claimed a mix of things, including lack of manpower, and current economic conditions had the company in a tight spot. 

But they claimed they’d get out to repair the road as soon as they could. 
“If I can be able to produce and get that done, I’m going out there doing that for free,” said the representative. 

In the days that followed our story, Ro-Ky contacted Pecan Grove again and promised to fix the roads. 

Crews were reportedly out at Pecan Grove soon after, marking sections they planned to fix.

But those in the neighobrhood tell News 4, weeks have passed with no repairs. 

Donald tells News 4, Ro-Ky is blaming a lack of manpower, and the weather. But he’s still hopeful a fix is on the way, as are we. 

Ro-Ky responded to News 4, telling our team it was due to weather not being on their side, the holidays, and the lack of manpower.

We’ll check back.