YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A metro neighborhood calls In Your Corner, claiming $50,000 in road repairs have fallen flat in a matter of months.

Take a trip just northwest of Yukon, you’ll find a quiet neighborhood that’s cracking at the seams.

“We’ve lived in the neighborhood for nine years now,” said Don Meyer, president of the Pecan Grove Farm neighborhood association. “We like to think that we’ve got the best neighborhood in the state. I believe we do.”

Don says his association slowly raises money for road repairs, which take place roughly every four years.

They’ve used local company Ro-Ky Construction in the past. So when it came time for a fix in 2021, Ro-Ky seemed like the logical choice.

“We entered into a contract with them in May of 2021,” said Don. “We gave [the company] $25,000 advance on it – that’s when the trouble started.”

The trouble, according to Don, is that the job didn’t fully start for nearly 9 months.

The neighborhood association became so frustrated, they hired an attorney and sent a letter demanding the company remedy the “breach of contract.”

“I called him numerous times, and we visited and he would tell me each time that he would come back out, he would start, but wouldn’t,” Don added.

Finally in January of this year the job was underway, and finished up in April.

The neighobrhood paid to fix or fill several small cracks in the road, and to remove and repair certain patches of the road.

Many of those patches are easily spotted today, due to buckling and cracking asphalt.

Neighbors we spoke with are disappointed, including B.J. Hensley, who has a rough patch of road right outside his driveway.

“It’s pretty rough. I mean, you got big craters that are here,” he said. “It looks like it just caved in. Like they dug it out, and it didn’t pack in very well.”

Don tells our team attempts to get Ro-Ky back out to the grove have gotten nowhere.

“The excuses haven’t changed,” Don said. “I’m having the same conversations with him today that I had in May of 2021.”

We gave Ro-Ky a call to figure out what happened.

“We’re trying to do our best we can to even make it through this stuff right now in this economy” said a Ro-Ky representative. “[We] never denied going back [we] just can’t find the time to get back there.”

Ro-Ky tells News 4, they’re unsure what has caused the repairs to fail, pointing toward large truck traffic, such as trash trucks or busses, as possibly to blame.

They also claim a lack of manpower and economic conditions have Ro-Ky on its last legs.

“I’m down to one guy trying to produce on bills, life, taxes, the whole bit, it’s dang near on the verge of bankruptcy,” said the representative.

In the meantime, neighbors are stuck with the rough roads, unable to raise enough funds for repairs for another four years.

Following our conversation, the two sides have attempted to reach each other, but haven’t yet been able to speak.

We’ll check back.