Notorious roofers in bad standing with state continue to chase down payments

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DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Vickie Coy is still caught in a storm that started in late August when 80 mph winds ripped through the metro and into her Del City roof.

“Was woke up to a really weird sound, and it was dripping from my ceiling,” she explained. “I had to have three different pans and buckets down there to catch it all.”

Not long after, there was a knock at the door from a local contracting company.

Superior Exterior, whose business is located nearby, was offering estimates on roof repair for both Vickie and neighbor Wydena Williams.

“I had about 5 different people come out and give me estimates,” Wydena said. “Haven`t been happy with any of them really, but hadn`t made my mind up.”

Vickie hadn’t made her mind up either.

To sweeten the deal, Superior sent out someone to patch up her leak.

“The guy did go up on the roof, he put a cold patch, but he didn’t put it where the leak was,” she said. “Called me the next day, and I told [Superior Exterior] they didn’t fix the roof, and she basically called me a liar.”

The two neighbors decided not to use Superior, and that’s when the bills began pouring in.

Vickie was charged $350 for the patchwork, despite not having signed anything.

Wydena was charged $250 despite no roof work being done. All that she signed was a “color selection worksheet.”

“They didn’t patch anything,” a frustrated Wydena noted. “They didn’t do anything other than talk.”

If Superior Exterior rings a bell, it’s because they’re In Your Corner all-stars.

We’ve reported on the company before. Our stories have included a history of complaints, all from seniors, regarding confusing fees going back nearly a decade.

In 2019 though, the pressure’s on. Owner Aaron Potter owes the state nearly $15,000 in back taxes.

As a result, Superior Exterior is not in good standing with the state and is barred from doing roofing work until the situation is resolved.

A letter from the state was sent to Superior’s owner in April.

In Your Corner stopped by Superior looking for answers.

They claim they had only recently been notified of the issues, despite the fact that the letter was dated April 11.

Aaron Potter was not available for comment and has not returned our phone calls.

Superior has contacted Vickie and Wydena constantly seeking payment, though.

“Between me and my husband, they’ve probably called 20-25 times,” explained Vickie.

Today, Wydena is still shopping for estimates.

Vickie’s roof was repaired by another company, and her leak is fixed.

She’s since filed a complaint with the state and is warning others for when the wind whips through the metro again.

“Be very careful,” she said. “Check companies out very, very closely.”

If you have a complaint regarding an Oklahoma roofing company, click here to file a complaint.

To learn where a company stands with the state, click here.

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