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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The clock is ticking on a local photographer who’s accused of ghosting clients after their wedding day.

Complaints against Lindsey Nichole Photography have now reached the Attorney General, and the state may soon get involved.

In Your Corner first learned of the business last fall, as a slew of customers came forward with similar stories.

New brides claimed to have spent $1,000-2,000, and were stuck waiting for many of their photos and products for months. Some claim they never received any wedding photos at all.

Our first alert on the business aired in March.

The Better Business Bureau joined the call not long after in May, asking slighted customers to come forward.

“When people are laying out thousands of dollars for this photo or this photo session, and they’re not getting that back, that’s equally as hurtful,” explained Kitt Letcher with the BBB.

During this time, Lindsey Nichole Photography had been silent. Lindsey hadn’t answered her door when News 4 visited, answered phone calls or Instagram messages.

The business hadn’t posted publicly in some time, until early July.

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Lindsey Nichole Photography, image KFOR

Lindsey posted an apology on her business page, where she said it was “never [her] intention” for customers to feel scammed.

She also claimed personal issues had gotten the best of her, and played a roll in taking a hit on her communication. Read the statement below:

“There has been many accusations from many people regarding my business. Most from people I have never even worked with before… However, for the clients I have worked with before that were unhappy with my wedding services… First and foremost I would like to say from the bottom of my heart that it was never my intention for you all to feel that I was out to scam you all.

There was a point where I allowed my own personal issues get the best of me and took a very big hit on my communication, and I am deeply sorry for that.

I am extending the opportunity for each client that has expressed dissatisfaction to me regarding the session to please contact me via messages so that I can make things right with you.”

We’re told many customers did reach out, including Melissa Zanabria.

Melissa was married in December, and is very thankful that some in attendance had captured the event on cell phone cameras. These are her only photos from the wedding, as Melissa says she hasn’t received a single ceremony photo from Lindsey Nichole.

“I mean, I’ve just been waiting for this wedding for such a long time, and she knew how important it was. We even flew in my mom’s mom from Peru,” she explained. “I don’t plan on getting married again. It was very expensive. So, those photos are what I really want.”

Melissa contacted the business after the apology post, and was cautiously optimistic.

But she says she never got a response. So, she and other customers commented on other Lindsey Nichole photos hoping for answers.

Their comments/concerns have all been deleted. Melissa says she now can no longer contact Lindsey at all.

“I actually did get blocked from her Instagram after I made comments on her recent post,” she explained.

State officials may soon get involved. A “Victims of Lindsey Nichole Photography” Facebook page has been formed, and tells our team they delivered documents to Attorney General John O’Connor.

The AG’s office tells KFOR they have contacted the business, and Lindsey Nichole Photography has 10 days to respond.

The apology post came around this same time frame, posted close to 10 days ago.

“She obviously knows the people that she failed to provide her vital services to,” said Melissa. “So, she should be the ones knocking on their door, not us knocking on her door.”

Melissa’s mother has gotten involved in her situation. Lindsey reportedly told Melissa’s mother she’d send an update on the photos this week.

We’ll check back.