OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Our In Your Corner team brought you a story in March about an elderly woman in Oklahoma City who claimed AT&T contractors installed fiber optics at her home almost a year ago and left her with an uneven driveway.

KFOR didn’t get anywhere with AT&T and they did not resolve the issue. However, one Oklahoma company saw the story and decided to step in and help. 

The biggest worry the homeowner had was safety. She said it was hard for her friends in wheelchairs to make it up and down her uneven driveway. She was also worried she might trip and fall. But now those fears are gone because of the generosity of a local company, and it didn’t cost her a dime. 

“I cried. I couldn’t believe somebody would do this… I am just so happy and thankful. I thank you and KFOR for doing the coverage,” said Janet Heidorn, sent a letter to In Your Corner.  

For the last year, Janet Heidorn said she’s been trying to get AT&T to fix her uneven driveway. She claimed the damage was caused by AT&T contractors installing fiber optics at her home almost a year earlier.  

Unleveled driveway
Uneven driveway. Image KFOR.

In March, Heidorn said, “I want the driveway fixed… It is a little over an inch difference.” 

She filed a claim with AT&T but had no luck with repairs.  

AT&T, saying it had completed its investigation of the claim. 

After our story ran, the company referred her back to the contacting company that allegedly caused the problem, getting her nowhere again.  

“I said, well, that is not going to work because the contractor supervisor just absolutely denied that they did the work,” said Heidorn.  

So, when Triton Foundation Repair saw her frustration, they decided to step in and help. 

“I’m a longtime mama’s boy and have been for a long time… She and I looked at each other, and we just felt like it was on our heart to come over here and see if we could help out,” said Jeff Wedig, owner of Triton Foundation Repair. 

Driveway problem fixed by local company
Fixed driveway. Image KFOR.

Heidorn is just glad her driveway nightmare is finally over.  

“They’re a fantastic company and Melissa and Jeff are just so giving,” said Heidorn.  

“The reality is, is that when it becomes a safety issue for us, especially for somebody like Janet, it’s just kind of on our heart to see if we can solve that before somebody ends up getting banged up and hurt,” said Wedig.  

To continue the generosity, the company is going to be repairing one lucky homeowner’s sunken sidewalk, patio or driveway. Click here for more information.