Oklahoma man warns of scam callers posing as AT&T

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OKLAHOMA CITY – James is retired and enjoying life – but not immune from the robo dialers and scam calls.

The latest one came from someone posing as AT&T, supposedly shopping around a special DirecTV promotion.

“He said they’d been having little problems with some service and what they wanted to do is get a promo out there for long-term customers to do a favor for them,” James said.

It just so happens James is a DirecTV customer so, naturally, his ears perked up when the guy began sharing about the supposed limited-time offer.

“What they wanted to do was give us a low-monthly premium of $70 a month, and that would be DirecTV, telephone, internet,” James said. “Almost too good to be true.”

It was sold as a bargain on his TV bill – with one major caveat.

The only way James could qualify was to pay the first four months of the 12-month promotion in advance with, you guessed it, a pre-paid gift card.

Gift card payments are dead giveaways, so is a pressing deadline.

James hung up and called the real AT&T right away, and they confirmed it was a scam.

On its website, AT&T warns it does not solicit prepayments using pre-paid cards or gift cards and instructs customers to do what James did. Hang up immediately, and call the toll-free customer service number on your bill to verify if a promotion is the real thing.

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