MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Midwest City man claimed AT&T workers broke his sprinkler system back in 2021 after moving his water meter. He said after almost two years, he is finally getting help when our In Your Corner team reached out to AT&T. 

The family who lives in the home said for years they did everything they could to get ahold of AT&T to fix the issue. After KFOR reached out to the company last week, the family said a supervisor from AT&T showed up to their door just two hours after KFOR contacted them about the problem. 

Back in March of 2021, Joe Goldstein said AT&T workers broke the waterline to the house.

“It was so frustrating,” said Joe Goldstein, sprinkler system fixed after calling In Your Corner. 

That was fixed, but then the family noticed their sprinkler system wasn’t working, and it had been like that for almost two years until KFOR stepped in. 

“Two hours after you made your phone call [to AT&T], my two-year problem was basically on its way to being fixed. Now it’s fixed. So, we’re very happy with you and Channel 4… I think you all do a great service for the people of Oklahoma,” said Goldstein.  

Last Friday, KFOR ran a story about his broken sprinkler system. [You can read the full story here.] That day, Goldstein said AT&T sent out a supervisor to look at what needed to be done. 

“You guys came out. We did this thing on Friday and Monday they started fixing it and by Wednesday it was done,” said Goldstein.  

Goldstien said everything was repaired within five days.  

He also said AT&T never charged him for those repairs.  

“AT&T covered the cost of that for us for our inconvenience. So that was nice of them,” said Goldstein.  

An AT&T spokesperson told KFOR that repairs were completed earlier this week.  

The AT&T spokesperson also sent us a statement saying, “As we work to bring high-speed fiber internet to more communities, our goal is to minimize impact on residents as much as possible. In those instances when property damage does occur, we urge our contractors to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.” 

“I’m very happy that you took us and presented our story and things happened so fast… Average people like us get taken care of,” said Goldstein. 

AT&T also said residents with questions or concerns about fiber expansion work in the greater Oklahoma City area can call 405-290-7398.