OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Discarded tires, fast food packages, clothes, and unwanted goods littering the shores of the North Canadian River prompts one woman to action and asks KFOR for help.

Geneva Wright told KFOR she works near the corner of Northeast 23rd and Sooner. A remote road before the bridge has become a breeding ground for people to dump the trash.

“This is uncalled for,” said Wright. “This is going to go into our rivers.”

Wright said she has been trying to get it cleaned up for the past year.

Junk and litter are lining the banks of the North Canadian River. It’s filled with unwanted goods.

“This is not fair,” said Wright. “It’s just going to get worse.” 

Wright claimed the City of Oklahoma denied owning the property previously and never sent anyone out to clean up.

“Nobody wants to take responsibility for it, but somebody needs to,” said Wright. 

KFOR called the City of Oklahoma City and got a response quickly.

The City stated it is within city limits but is tripling checking to make sure the property is not privately owned.

If it is privately owned, clean-up falls on the property owner, and the City will issue a citation and deadline for trash removal.

The City also says if it is private property and the owner does not complete the clean-up by the deadline, the City will contract a clean-up and bill the owner.

If it is city property, the Utilities Solid Waste Division will pick up the dumping. 

The City’s spokesperson tells us they are still determining an exact time for when the dumping will be cleaned.