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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Trina Gregory’s 2013 GMC Yukon is her lifeline. When her check engine light flickered on earlier this year, she immediately took her vehicle to the shop.

“Told the people at the service station, ‘Oh I have a warranty’,” she explained. “Thinking I’m not gonna have to pay anything.”

That warranty was purchased two years ago through Delaware-based company ‘American Standard Auto Protection (ASAP.)’ Gregory says she thought she was covered for five years and up to 119,000 miles.

“Actually selected them because they were the one offering no deductible,” she said. “Corresponded on the phone and with email, and I thought everything was great.”

Two years later, things were not so great. Mechanics told Gregory that she would have to pay for the repairs out of her own pocket.

“The serviceman comes back and says, ‘Well, we can’t get in touch with the company,’” Gregory said. “Go back to my emails, start emailing them, and I call the number that’s on my policy; nothing, nothing, nothing.”

Gregory turned to the Internet, only to learn ASAP seemingly closed amid controversy one year ago.

So far, more than 270 complaints have been filed with the BBB.

In Your Corner attempted to contact the company, but was met with the same recording customers have received for months.

“American Standard Auto Protection can not manage or maintain the obligations to their current customers,” the recording said. It went on to explain “if you are expecting a refund, or payment from ASAP, please contact your financial institution and inquire about possible options.”

Gregory’s $1,500 policy that was purchased with a Chase credit card is no longer worth the paper it is printed on.

The credit card company was initially unable to help.

“I tried to get kind of like a dispute, which after working with Chase, that was unsuccessful because it was over two years ago,” Gregory said.

The In Your Corner team got involved, attempting to work out a resolution with Chase. Though our discussion with the claims department proved fruitless, News 4 contacted Chase through other avenues and turns out third time’s the charm.

“They called yesterday to say they’re going to offer me a one-time refund of the $1,499 that I paid,” Gregory explained in a video sent to KFOR. “Thank you Adam, and thank you Chase, and if I could go after ASAP, I would.”

According to officials with the state, it appears ASAP was not licensed to do business in Oklahoma. If you’re shopping for warranties and would like to check licenses, click here.