MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – KFOR’s In Your Corner team recently brought you a story of an elderly woman who was on the hook for nearly $85,000 for solar panels she didn’t want. KFOR stepped in and helped resolve the issue.  

A Midwest City man claimed his elderly mother was taken advantage of by a company that sells solar panels. His mother told us she had no idea he was making her sign an electronic contract.

“I thought signing was where you signed it. And he said just, you know, tap that button, type that button that that button,” said Terri Moore.  

Since that story aired, the family is now breathing a big sigh of relief.  

The solar panels that were worth nearly $85,000 are now gone from her driveway. The family told KFOR, the company picked them up less than 24 hours after our story ran. 

Solar panels
Man claims his elderly mother was taken advantage of by a company that sells solar panels. Image courtesy Michael Moore.

“We would be in a very bad spot if it weren’t for News 4… I’m really happy about it. You guys helped tremendously,” said Michael Moore. 

Michael Moore claimed salesmen from the Utah based Encor Solar company used high-pressure sales tactics to get his mother to sign a contract she can’t afford. 

Moore said he tried getting her out of the contract but got nowhere. 

So, KFOR reached out to the company, but got no response.  

“They came and picked up the solar panels and the bars out of my yard the very next day,” said Terri Moore.  

After hearing about their problems, J.W. Peters, president of Solar Power of Oklahoma reached out to the Moore’s to help. 

He was able to terminate her contact. 

“Luckily, we knew the financier very well… It was confirmed by the finance company that it wouldn’t be a problem, that they would actually cancel that loan and that I then got the contract from them, from the other solar company and looked at that to make sure that that was canceled all as well, which I told them that it was,” said J.W. Peters, President of Solar Power of Oklahoma.  

After reading their contract, Peters said several things seemed off. He claimed Moore was overcharged, and it should have cost her a third of the price. 

“We have a system that’s being installed today that’s less than five miles from here that’s slightly larger than the system that Mrs. Moore was going to buy. That’s actually under $15,000 to where her contract was almost $50,000 for the exact same system,” said Peters.  

Peters has a warning to those who come in contact with a salesman. 

“I would just say to everybody that’s having their doors knocked by these out-of-state companies, is just buyer beware,” said Peters. 

Moore believes if KFOR didn’t step in, they would still be trouble. 

“I don’t know what I’d do without you guys… I watch KFOR all time, and I was surprised that in your corner is in my corner, and I was so happy,” said Terri Moore. 

“Everything’s working out now,” said Michael Moore.  

KFOR tried reaching out to the company responsible, but never heard back. 

Peters recommends to always get several quotes before purchasing solar panels and research the company. 

He suggests reading reviews of people who have actually purchased solar panels. He said you can find legitimate reviews at SolarReviews.com