TUTTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – KFOR brought you this story a couple of weeks ago about an Oklahoma woman having never ending issues after she purchased a mobile home from Tiny House Outlet of OKC.  

Becky Sears had bought the home back in September and couldn’t get the mobile home company to come out and fix the issues. Since KFOR’s story ran, the company has made things right and everything has been fixed.  

Sears had electrical problems and issues with a gap in the front door. Those problems have been fixed and she’s now able to enjoy her retirement peacefully. 

“I mean, I’m sad that we had to go that far, you know, to have you all [KFOR] come out. But it got the issues done… I’m glad we did because like I said, I’m living a normal life right now,” said Becky Sears, mobile home now fixed. 

Sears said after KFOR approached Tiny House Outlet of OKC, they got the job done quickly.  

“The secretary called and had communicated with me to tell me when they were coming out… They did it in a real timely manner and good people came out and got it done,” said Sears. 

The issues with the washer and dryer not being hooked up are now up and running after months. 

“The washer dryer is a great big deal because, you know, you hate carrying laundry somewhere to do it. And now I can just like put it in there, dry it and put it up. It’s really, really awesome.” said Sears. 

Plus, before KFOR ran the story, the outlets and lights were not working. 

“You can tell I have light in here now. It is so much brighter,” said Sears.  

“They came in and pulled all the frame out and then, you can hear the suction that it’s working now… it’s a lot warmer in here.,”  

The wiring is now back to normal in the breaker box too.  

“Wires are in there safely now,” said Sears. 

Sears told KFOR, she’s grateful to the staff at Mr. Electric for coming out and fixing her issues.  

“The guys that came out were just awesome, super nice. And then they did all the electrical stuff and got everything working,” said Sears. 

Mr. Electric told KFOR, “It was a pleasure to serve Ms. Sears. She was treat to be around. Her electrical was in bad shape and we are always pleased to assist those needing help.” 

Sears said she’s also thankful for the employee from All Around Mobile Home Services who fixed her door.  

“Again, super nice, friendly and it’s fixed,” said Sears.  

All Around Mobile Home Services told KFOR, “We are glad we’re able to make Ms. Sears happy. We hope she enjoys her new home.” 

The only issue Sears said never got resolved is the $450 she paid to deliver the home. She claims that was never agreed upon in their contract. 

“Like I said, I’m really, really happy that everything’s done, and I would highly recommend to call you [KFOR’s In Your Corner Hotline],” said Sears. 

KFOR reached out to Tiny Houses of OKC Friday morning for a comment, we have been in contact with them, but we are still waiting to hear back from them.  

We will update with their response once it becomes available.