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DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A couple learned that their water bill was higher than normal, and they didn’t get help until they reached out to KFOR.

Dylan Lane and his girlfriend Ashtyn Plymale received a bill in the mail last week that showed them owing $331. The reading for their water meter came out to 57,000 gallons for the month.

“We really thought there can’t be any way that we’ve used that much water,” said Ashtyn.

The couple lives with another couple. It’s a house of four people and they say their bill is not typically expensive.

“We usually use like 4000 [gallons] at most and it’s usually around $80,” said Ashtyn.

Ashtyn and Dylan went straight to city hall to find out what was going.

“It was weird. They kind of acted like it’s happened before,” said Ashtyn.

She said that on the Nextdoor app, several people in her area experienced something similar.

KFOR received a note from Ashtyn through the In Your Corner hotline. We reached out to Del City this afternoon to see if the city was aware of the problem.

“After you guys reached back out to us, Del City finally came out and took a read at our meter and looked at our toilets and things like that,” said Dylan.

When we arrived, there was a city worker out front checking the meter.

Dylan said that he went around the property and did not find any leak or an explanation for the high water bill.

The couple was told by the worker that the issue would get resolved.

Dylan showed us what the usage is expected to be by the end of this pay period. It read 106,000 gallons.

Even the worker couldn’t believe it.

“We were talking about a toilet leaking and I was like, there’s no way it could be 107,000 gallons for this next coming month,” said Dylan. “And he said, ‘Yeah, that’s a little absurd.’”

Dylan and Ashtyn hope that more people will speak out against discrepancies in their bills.

“I had a buddy of mine send me a bunch of links for this exact same thing happening to Del City residents and for those who paid the $600 bills — I just — I feel sorry for them because it probably wasn’t on their end,” said Dylan.

Del City has not yet returned our request for a comment.