PACs continue to use charitable names to try to get your donation dollars

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Charmaine Taylor is not immune to the robocall epidemic. She thought her $1,000 donation was going to help the local men and women in blue.

“Now, from what I’m being told, that’s not giving back to them at all,” Taylor said.

It’s another one of those PACs, or Political Action Committees, appearing to be run by the same guy, Zachary Bass, out of the Washington D.C. area.

You think you’re giving to help breast cancer victims, firefighters or, in this case, police officers – but you’re really helping fund political elections and campaigns.

On its website, United Police Officers Association “pledges to push and fight government for stronger legislation and elections of candidates that support our law enforcement officers.”

According to FEC, Federal Election Commission, filings – the PAC raked in over $3 million last year alone and most of that cash went to fund media buys and campaigns of congressional candidates of both political parties, none of whom appear to be in Oklahoma.

“I don’t get involved in all that, but I don’t like it,” Taylor said.

We alerted John George, president of the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 123, about the PAC soliciting Oklahomans on behalf of police.

“No, the FOP does not phone solicitations,” George said.

Most of the Oklahoma City FOP funding comes from membership dues.

George said they do take donations from the public to fund a separate foundation, but they won’t hit you up for money over the phone and 100 percent of the donations they bring in go straight to the police officers themselves.

“We have a foundation where we give back to our officers in times of need, say their house has burned down, or tornado or illness in their family and there were extra expenses they weren’t prepared for,” he said.

The In Your Corner bottom line – just because these PACs use names that have “cancer,” “police” and “veterans” in them doesn’t mean they’re helping that cause.

If someone calls you up asking for money, do not give it to them, especially if it’s a robocall.

If you want to give to the FOP or any other local organization for that matter, go their website and reach out to them directly.

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