OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A small party planning and catering business says Aloft Hotel didn’t pay them after hosting an event in March at their downtown Oklahoma City property.

“We were so excited about it and were told that payment would come through the next billing month, but it didn’t come,” said business partner Mercedes Majors.

Majors runs a business called The Party Mami with her business partner Kandice Pitchford. Pitchford bakes the cakes while Majors prepares charcuterie and sides.

The two say they received a message from someone at Aloft Hotel asking them to plan a party that they would be paid for.

“We actually went above and beyond. The woman told us after the event that it was perfect and they complimented us a bunch,” said Majors. “We told them thank you for having us and she kept saying how much everyone loved it, that it was amazing. They were very pleased.”

The event was held in the middle of March, and even though it was short notice, the pair agreed that they would do everything they could to make it work.

Video from The Party Mami’s as they enter Aloft Hotel on the day of the event. {@kandicejoy1}

“After adding everything up, it was around $900,” said Pitchford. “That’s just basically considering the food and the preparation. But we were told that their budget is only around $300.”

The two say they eventually agreed to do the event for $300 or $150 each.

“I was like, this is a marketing opportunity so I’d be happy to do it,” said Majors.

The same day of the event, Major says they asked what is to be done about payment.

“They agreed to two nights in the future to stay at the hotel and the $300,” said Majors.

Video from Kandice showing preparations for the event at Aloft Hotel. {@kandicejoy1}

After a month, the two said they never received the money.

“Every time we asked her about the payment, she would tell us that it was coming,” said Pitchford.

But that money, the two say, never did come.

The two say that when they mentioned they had told KFOR about the situation, they say someone from the hotel quickly told them the money was coming.

“That was this morning, we still haven’t received any payments,” said Majors.

However, Kandice tells us the payment eventually came on Friday.

KFOR has reached out to Aloft Hotel several times about the issue and has yet to hear back.