OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Hundreds of Oklahomans continue to suffer through excruciatingly low temperatures that have a lasting effect on their home. Plumbing companies across the metro KFOR reached out to said they have been swarmed by calls to help with frozen or busted pipes.

“We’ve been getting absolutely killed this morning and last night,” said Daniel Greene, director of operations for Hull Plumbing.

He said there were a few things people could do if they come home to frozen pipes. The first thing was to open the cabinet doors below your faucets, especially one along an exterior wall.

“If you’re already froze up, still open your cabinets and still open your faucets,” said Greene.

Second, shut off the water meter or call the city and ask that they come out to shut off the water if you leave for work or a trip. That way when you come back you will not find your house flooded by a leak.  

Kenny Russell has been a plumber for the past 32 years. He also recommends getting a heat lamp and aiming it at the frozen pipes.

“Something that won’t catch fire,” said Russell. “Hook it on the cabinet door and plug it in and shine it on the pipes. That’s the safest way.”

He also said to not leave home until the pipes have thawed. Russell said outside faucet covers are not necessary for most homes because the pipes are buried so deep it won’t cause a burst pipe. He said what was most important was insulation around pipes that are next to an exterior wall.

Russell said situations like frozen pipes can get pricey.

“Most people are going between $80 to $100 an hour,” said Russell. “That does not include parts. So you’re talking $300 to $400 dollars.”