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EDMOND, Okla. – When storms roll through, crews of contractors aren’t too far behind.

In Edmond, some families are still cleaning up and making repairs from last month’s hail storm.

Golf ball sized hail crashed through people’s skylights.

The storm passed, and the knocks started.

Holly Baum says she couldn’t shake the roofers coming after her business.

“Well a million roof salesman were coming to my door, or calling, she said. “I just tell them I have a roofer and I’m not interested.”

Steven Hart is one of them.

“We like to go hustle,” he added. “We like to generate our work.”

He’s staking a claim with yard signs, and says most people are friendly adding, “Understandably, the ones who aren’t in this storm have had in this storm probably 40 or 50 people banging on their doors and most of them probably aren’t as easy going as me.”

The In Your Corner bottom line: go with a local, established roofer, like Steven, who’s insured, bonded, and registered with the state.

So by law, roofers must give you their ID number.

Plus they’re required to put that same number on their pick-up, the contract, and if they put a sign in their yard, it’s got to be there too.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department’s anti-fraud unit is also keeping an eye on things.

The unit’s Assistant Chief Robert Lee says take your time when deciding what roofer to go with.

It also pays to inventory your belongings by uploading photos, video, and information to online places like dropbox or google drive, or just do it old school.

“You need to have a copy that’s retrievable from off-site location,” he added. “[It] can be a friend’s house, safe deposit box, a safe place at work, someplace other than home.”

Most contractors are reputable, but it’s important to do your homework before entering into a business agreement with a contractor.

Roofers are required to register with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.

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