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OKLAHOMA CITY – For nearly three decades Brad Edwards was In Your Corner.

Several years before his sudden passing in 2006, he talked about his storied career at Channel Four.

“I like being with the people and being one of the people,” Brad said. “I want to be a normal guy, because I am a normal guy.”

Average though he was not.

Brad was a champion of the people.

His assignment on In Your Corner was to be a watchdog and a trouble-shooter.

Brad got his start in broadcasting in the Air Force, before bursting onto the scene at Channel Four.

Brad did it all, anchor, reporter, photographer, and he worked with legendary Channel Four outdoor reporter, Don Wallace.

It was Brad’s tireless work though, inviting us to come to his corner for help that we’ll remember most. 

He helped hundreds of Oklahomans, including Vera Ruffner.

“I was totally shocked, I could not believe it,” she said. What took me over three years, he accomplished in about two hours.”

Brad did it with humility, humor, and guts.

“Sometimes we do just walk in on ‘em,” Brad said. “That can cause a point of friction.”

More than a decade later the In Your Corner team is still soldiering on, exposing the injustices and taking care of our neighbors, like Rebecca Salyers, a blind, single mom raising her two kids.

We not only helped give her a voice, but we were able to recoup her money.

“Thank you so much Scott,” she said. “I know why people call you.”

Brad set the standard and we’re honored to carry that legacy forward with programs like Warmth 4 Winter, Fans 4 Oklahomans, and Joy 4 Kids.

The corner has never been brighter.