OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Finding a place to call home is is surely tough these days. With rental inventories in flux, scammers are taking advantage.

It’s a problem that continues to persist in the In Your Corner tip line.

Rental inventory remains low across the metro, and renters are seizing on whatever they can find.

“Well, my family and I have expanded,” said one tenant to be, who wishes to remain anonymous. “So we were looking for some place for our grandkids to be able to play.”

The renter turned to Facebook, and found the perfect spot renting for $900 per month.

The alleged “owner” of the home asked for a $60 application fee.

“He said once the application is approved, and I send him the $60, we could meet up at the house,” said the hopeful renter.

Our renter doesn’t have transportation, and had to find a ride to the home.

He waited outside for some time, before the fake owner messaged again, claiming they needed $300 more before they could tour the home.

Our renter didn’t take the bait, opting instead to speak with neighbors who advised him the home actually rents for more than $1000.

“I don’t fall for too many things,” he added. “But I feel for that one.”

It’s a story we’ve unfortunately heard before. Scammers posting can’t miss home deals, coupled with high-pressure tactics, to make the sale says the Better Business Bureau.

“[These tactics] are a way to make people rush the decision making process,” said Kitt Letcher, with the BBB. “So [renters] don’t do their homework.”

In Your Corner contacted the listing. The poster sent a number to call.

This lead to a brief, unproductive conversation, due to a clear language barrier.

As for our renter, while he could’ve lost significantly more money, he did unfortunately sign away much of his personal information through the fake application.

He wishes to remain anonymous, not knowing who was on the other end of the email.

“Just scary that [they] have my address,” he said. “I don’t know who [they are].”

For anyone in similar shoes who feels their personal information has been compromised, you’ll want to take a few steps:

  • Monitor any and all personal accounts for suspicious activity
  • Consider contacting the three credit bureaus for advice, as your credit may need to be frozen

News 4 has heard from the actual owners of the home. They confirmed this was a scam, and the home has in fact already been rented out.

The Facebook listing is no longer active.