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OKLAHOMA CITY – Here comes Santa Clause and his ‘arm of the law’ elves.

Wednesday, local law enforcement swapped out their real patrol cars for sleigh carts and wish lists. 

They shopped for kids being raised by their grandparents.

“We got him a good [basketball] goal,” OKCPD Officer Jordan Wacker said. “You can dunk on that with no issues whatsoever.”

The program benefits “grandfamilies” and is an ongoing partnership between Sunbeam Family Services, local law enforcement agencies and volunteers from Triad, a program that helps educate seniors on crime prevention.  

OKCPD Captain Jason Samuel picked up a wish list for a young girl.

“Hopefully she’ll be happy and excited that Santa showed up,” he said.

So will the grandparents who are raising her.

Sunbeam Family Services keeps this program going to help ease their burden.

Sunbeam Chief External Relations Officer Angie Doss added, “At the end of the month they really don’t have a lot of extra income to pay for luxuries like Christmas.”

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s TRIAD coordinator, Corporal Kim Lopez, said they noticed the toll the financial burden was having on these grandparents.  

“They were doing without eyeglasses, hearing aid batteries, medication [which] is a big, big expense,” she said.

Walmart pitched in over $4,000 to buy gifts and so did the brave men and women who risk their lives daily to protect the public. 

OKCPD Triad coordinator, Sheryl Presley, said, “Our police officers and civilians last year out of their own pockets gave $6,788 to this program,” OKCPD Triad coordinator, Sheryl Presley, said. “These men and women are very, very giving.”

And they’re quick on their feet handpicking toys, clothes, and electronics.

They have many gifts and talents, but shopping for teenage girls is not one of them.

“He didn’t know what a bath bomb was before he got here and he’s picked out the cutest earrings,” Corporal Lopez said. “Although you don’t have pierced ears I noticed.”

Learning as they go and giving meaning to the season.