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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone you care about.

For the past 13 years, he’s been In Your Corner weeknights at 10 on KFOR-TV, exposing scams, sticking up for the little guy and telling stories of everyday Oklahomans in need of a hand and a hug.

So many people have made a lasting impact on Scott and our team.

Myrisha’s reaction to her remodeled home was priceless. She burst out of her front door yelling and screaming, “Did you see my house? You see my storm shelter?”

Myrisha’s home was damaged by a tornado.

She had no insurance, was denied federal assistance and scammed after a contractor ran off with her borrowed cash.

The In Your Corner team and a bunch of good-hearted Okies helped her piece back together her home and life.

Monday, we reunited with Myrisha after all these years.

She surprised us with big news.

She said, “I got married.”

At 59, she said “I do” to her middle school sweetheart.

Michael plays bass in a band.

He saw Myrisha on News 4,and mustered up the courage to invite her to one of his shows.

“He insta-messaged me and he said, ‘Can I have your number?’ I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to give it to him.’ He said, ‘Is this the real number?’ I said, ‘Excuse me?’”

Michael tells the In Your Corner team he is head over heels for Myrisha.

“I like her smile, her sexy walk,” he added.

Not in a million years did she think going on In Your Corner would bring her another shot at love.

One chapter begins and another one closes.

Myrisha told Scott she’s sure going to miss him.

“I know I’m not the only recipient from this In Your Corner that’s feeling this way about you, because I always had a connection with you,” she added. “I did, and you made me cry. That was a lot.”

It’s that emotion and connection with our viewers that’s made doing this so worth it, like helping Bettye Copeland and her great-grandson Josh. They had just lost everything in a fire.

Like Myrisha, there was no money to rebuild.

We recruited a local nonprofit and local contractors to save the family’s home.

Fast forward seven years, and Bettye is still kicking it at 87.

“I feel good,” she said.

Josh is now 19.

“She’s raised her kids, her kid’s kids and she raised me, which is her kid’s kids’ kids.

He remembers the fire like it was yesterday, and said, “That was probably one of the lowest times in my life.”

Today he’s riding high and newly married, going to school to become an aviation maintenance technician and still healing through his music.

He shared one of his freshly written lyrics with our team, “I lost my house, man it ain’t no joke. I almost lost my life, but I wasn’t alone.”

Josh says, “My grandma needed me to come up and bounce back. She needed me in that situation. She needed me to grow up and take charge and do what I could to help.”

Hope rose like a phoenix from the ashes of charred dreams.

“Everything happens for the good, and I think of all the nice people I have met since this has all happened.”

Thank you Josh, Bettye and Myrisha for the beautiful ways you have touched all of our lives.