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OKLAHOMA CITY – An interesting piece of mail is popping up in mailboxes from a mysterious group that claims to hold the key to the mysteries of the universe.

The 12-page recruitment letter says it’s from the “Secret Society.”

It goes onto say the world’s most famous, and powerful have their eye on 20-year-old, Brandi Tasso, an aspiring actress from Oklahoma.

“I was excited,” she said. “I thought it was going to be like a manager or casting director reaching out to me.”

This would be no big break for Brandi, instead, more like smoke and mirrors.

The sender even swears on the Bible they will deliver the “greatest secrets free of charge.”

The only real secret though is what happens when you return the enclosed membership certificate with your signature on it.

Brandi told the In Your Corner team, “I was very close to doing it.”

We set out in search of this secret.

The phone number connected us with a call center in Dallas.

The saleswoman told us the 55-page pamphlet is free, but mostly includes testimonials, no secrets, only another invitation, this time for a purchase to get the real access.

She went on to tell us about the founder of the Secret Society, Frank R. Wallace.

His son, Mark Hamilton, is also an author, and publisher.

He runs the company now.

The In Your Corner bottom line: they’re trying to make money by selling you books that aren’t cheap.  Basically, the membership will get you even more books, and bills, you never agreed to in the first place.

Brandi knew better.

She’s still dreaming big.

She added, “The journey is the most important part.”

Maybe you can gain valuable knowledge from their teachings, like some claim online.

It’s the way the books are being marketed and sold that has some people suspicious and upset.

We’re told the purchase comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

At the end of the day, do your due diligence, and use your best judgment.