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OKLAHOMA CITY – Brandi Bacon hasn’t been able to cool her home in months.

“I paid $240 dollars and it’s 80-something degrees in here,” she said.

Parts of her heating and cooling system are over 40 years old.

She pays for warranty protection, but she says American Home Shield won’t honor the signed agreement.

“I said, ‘So you’re telling me I have paid for you guys to come out and fix my unit,’” she added. “’It’s not working and you’re refusing to send somebody out.’ ‘Yeah, that’s what we’re telling you.’”

Back in November, the issue was the heater. Now the AC won’t blow cool air.

She says every time American Home Shield dispatches one of their contracted technicians to her home, the repairs never stick, and now the company is flat out ignoring her pleas for help.

Her home warranty plan expired months ago, but not before she says she put in multiple repair requests with American Home Shield.

“It’s so frustrating to call and call and call them, and them not do anything, sorry,” she told News 4. “It’s just so upsetting. I’m a single mom [and] I have to work, 40 to 50 hours a week almost every week. I have a 10-year-old I take care of pretty much by myself.”

In an effort to help Brandi relax some, we connected her with Terry Shinn and his crew from TS Heat and Air.

Their inspection found some serious problems, starting with the heat exchanger.

It has cracks in it and could cause carbon dioxide poisoning, or a gas leak.

Terry says the heater’s not safe to run this winter.

The AC’s okay to fire up, however, it won’t do any good because it needs new parts.

We tried sharing the findings with American Home Shield, but no one returned our emails and phone messages from their Memphis based corporate office.

We went through a string of customer service reps, who were nice, but no help.

The company has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, and more than 10,000 customer complaints.

Over 4,000 of those were closed last year alone.

The In Your Corner bottom line is some of these home warranty deals aren’t worth the trouble, or the money.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department oversees service warranties and investigates complaints.

With any agreement, read over the fine print with a fine-toothed comb.

But, after months of getting nowhere with American Home Shield, Brandi Bacon finally feels seen and heard.

“I thought it’s strange all of a sudden they want to call and talk to me about my work order from months and months ago,” she said.

It wasn’t easy getting someone from the warranty company to call us back, but we eventually caught the attention of their social media manager on Facebook.

The company’s PR representative later apologized for the delay, saying they are working with Ms. Bacon to ensure they provide the proper resolution.

At this point, they’re now willing to cover about $3,000 worth of repairs, but that still doesn’t include the repair costs to replace the ductwork, AC unit, and leaky water heater.

That means Brandi’s still stuck with a hefty price tag on a limited budget.

With American Home Shield unwilling to budge on their offer, Terry Shinn & TS Heat and Air are stepping up to the plate to help Brandi, agreeing to cover the rest of the repairs.

Tuesday, we surprised Brandi with the news.

“Oh my gosh,” she said! “That is awesome. I’m so excited.”

Once again, Heritage Electric is handling all the electric needs with the installation.

We had more surprises and a mystery caller on the phone waiting to talk to Brandi.

He and his company want to give her family a new water heater, which also means this single mom doesn’t have to go into more debt now.

Their new Lennox heating and cooling system is on the way.

Brandi’s home warranty plan expired months ago, but not before she put in multiple repair requests with American Home Shield.

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