TECUMSEH, Okla. (KFOR) – A Tecumseh woman turned to KFOR for help, fearing a backyard fixture could lead to thousands in damage.

Freda Foulks felt she was out of options. Her old mimosa tree out back died amidst last winter’s arctic blast and has been precariously leaning over her husband’s haven for months.

“I don’t know, I’ve done everything I know how to do,” she said. “[The tree] is going to fall over on the storage shed and then fall over onto the top of the metal garage. That [garage] was his treasure. That was his place.”

The garage was husband Chris’s place for much of the couple’s near four decades together.

They met in the mid 80s and Freda says sparks flew fast.

“We dated for a week,” Freda explained. “Met on one Friday and married the next Friday.”

But year 39 was cut short after a metastatic melanoma diagnosis took a turn.

“He got to feeling tired and got coughing,” said Freda. “We went to the emergency room. They did an X-ray and said prognosis isn’t good.”

Chris Foulks died late last year.

Freda is now left dealing with the emotional and financial fallout.

“But I had to pay off the the cremation because that’s all I could afford, and then I had to pay off the loans,” said Freda. “So it’s been hard.”

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Doing away with a troublesome tree.

Which brings us back to that old tree.

Freda had hoped for a quick story on News 4 to put out word and find some help.

Little did she know, though, help was already coming around the corner.

News 4 gave Hasbell’s Tree Service a call and they jumped at the chance.

“Should’ve been taken down a long time ago,” said Tracy Hasbell. “We’re third generation out here in town. We don’t mind helping somebody. When they need it, we help.”

In no time at all, Hasbell and his crew had branches falling by the bushel.

Just under a half hour later, it was over, and the old mimosa tree was down to a stump.

Stacy tells our team he’ll be back soon to grind the remains down even further.

“Thank you, I appreciate [Hasbell’s Tree Service] so much,” said Freda. “There’s still good people in this world.”