'Thank them for me,' disabled Navy Veteran receives anonymous donation from In Your Corner viewer

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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Out in the Norman countryside, a number of neighbors needed asphalt work.

It was Ricky Birdwell who called In Your Corner, after paying for paving work on his carport drive. His neighbor Donna was hoping for a new driveway.

George Young needed a small section of his driveway worked on for better access from his car to his wheelchair.

All three used contractor James Truesdale. All three were disappointed in the work.

“I thought, ‘Oh boy, I’ve been had,” Ricky said.

We reached out to Truesdale in late December, but he was less than pleased to hear from our team. He claims the three got what they paid for, and that the asphalt millings would pack in over time.

“I will get ahold of the folks out there and I will get this straightened up,” he said in a phone call.

Following our story, some much needed good news came to George.

A News 4 viewer, who’d like to remain anonymous, donated money to the disabled Navy veteran, hoping to make him whole. George recently received the $400 check.

“Thank them for me,” George said to News 4. “People don’t normally do things for me like that, except my neighbors.”

George hopes this message makes its way to his anonymous donor.

“I hope they’re happy,” he said. “This 2020 new year is probably gonna be the best they’ve ever had, for generosity like this.”

There could be more good news in this story soon, so standby.

Quick reminder, Donna and Ricky, who is a disabled veteran himself, are still dealing with their asphalt issues.

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