‘Tornado king’ violates probation, back on track making restitution payments

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OKLAHOMA CITY - William Stephens keeps digging himself into a deeper hole.

Court records show he violated his probation after he quit making restitution payments.

Remember, he took a plea deal in the case and was ordered to pay over $100,000 to his victims.

Stephens ran his storm shelter business, Tornado King, into the ground, and in the process defrauded seven Oklahoma families.

Now we're learning Oklahoma's Attorney General has asked the judge to revoke Stephens' 5-year deferred sentence.

It’s simple. If he doesn't pay, he'll likely go to prison.

The AG’s spokesperson told the In Your Corner team ever since Stephens' most recent arrest, he's been showing up to court, and making restitution payments on time.

As long as he keeps that up, he'll stay a free man.

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