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NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Months after moving, a California family fights for closure. They turned to In Your Corner hoping to finally have everything they own brought home.

The Platts’ move to Oklahoma has been a mess.

We first met the couple in their Noble home. The Platts had left California back in March, using broker Nationwide Moving, who hired Deluxe Moving for the job.

They were under the impression the job would cost just under $4,000, but say the price jumped on move day.

In all, they say they’ve paid more than $10,000 and haven’t seen their items in the five months since.

Attempts at reaching Deluxe Moving got nowhere. Nationwide Moving claimed they could only speak to the Platts in regard to their situation.

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KFOR’s Adam Snider interviewing the Platts.

However, Tom told In Your Corner, after our phone call with the company, Nationwide agreed to ship his items free of charge.

“[Nationwide] says there wouldn’t be any charges, any more expenses,” he explained.

But the day before his items arrived, Tom says he learned he’d be on the hook for more than $4,000.

News 4 dropped by the Norman storage facility, where the Platt’s items were set to be dropped off.

The driver of the delivery truck claimed he was with neither Nationwide or Deluxe. He told our team he worked for Sega Trucking, and had been hired out by a third party company.

He also initially claimed he was unable to unload without being paid the final amount, but opted to instead empty the truck as our discussion continued.

“That’s why we called [News 4] and involved you,” said Kathleen Platt. “Think they woulda driven off today. Soon as you guys pulled up, their whole attitude changed.”

The Platts say, unfortunately, they’re still missing a chunk of their belongings, and some of the items that were returned seemed damaged during the move.

They’re opting to take the high road and hope to finally settle into their Oklahoma life.

“I think, personally, this is probably the end of it,” said Kathleen. “We just want to move on.”

Tom says he has reached out to Nationwide hoping for more information on his missing items, but has not heard back.