Budget airline grounded in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Via Air is grounded, possibly for good.

The small budget airline was forced to shut down for not paying its bills – not just at airports across the country but at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, too.

We’re told Via Air’s agreement was terminated for delinquent payments to the tune of about $70,000.

It’s the same story in Tulsa, where the airline owes $22,000.

Oklahoma passengers could only get Via Air direct flights to Austin, where a spokesperson at that airport said they’re still waiting to get paid more than 40 grand.

It was in Austin where our story began nearly a year ago.

Dozens of passengers were on their way to Austin. They landed 450 miles away from their destination though, dropped off in Tulsa, stranded and left to fend for themselves.

“The captain comes on [and] says ‘Good evening, folks. This is Via Air flight such and such, nonstop to Tulsa,” said passenger Nick Lenius. “Everybody on the plane, you could hear them almost gasp.”

Eventually, the In Your Corner team was able to help with reimbursement checks for several passengers.

As for what’s next for the troubled airliner, Via Air was just sold to a charter flight service out of Atlanta.

Reports suggest the two airlines could merge and relaunch later this year but, as it stands now, Via Air is out in Oklahoma City.

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