BLANCHARD, Okla. (KFOR) – Months after a devastating tornado blew through central Oklahoma, an SOS came in to the newsroom from Blanchard couple, David and Carol Wade.

“Everytime it rains or a storm comes in, we’re getting more damage to our roof and everything else,” said David.

The couple said they’d been approved for thousands in federal storm relief help, but there was just one problem: because of a clerical error they could not get access to the money.

The couple said they desperately needed the money for repairs.

“I just want our money so we can fix our home, so we can move on with our lives,” David added.

With KFOR’s help, the couple was able to get the assistance they needed in just a few hours.

“Thanks to you guys and us calling you [KFOR] is how we got the problem resolved,” said Carol.

“We are grateful for Channel 4, for reaching out and coming out and helping us,” she added.