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WEWOKA, Okla. (KFOR) – Melba Holly has quite the tale to tell. She’s lived in Wewoka the last few years, enjoying a quiet retirement. But inside her home you’ll find her life is anything but quiet.

“I was born in Cromwell, week before anyone expected me, hour before the doctor got there,” said Melba. “I went to Yokota Air Base, Japan, from there to Yokosuka Naval Base Japan, from there I was in Singapore. I worked for the Dept. of Defense.”

By her side is Vern Davis. The two reconnected in their twilight years at a latenight dance.

“I jumped up, paid her way in,” said Vern. “We met, hit it off!”

All this to say, these two are still sharp as a tack.

So when Melba received an invitation in 2013 to save on energy costs, she jumped at the chance.

“We got this letter in the mail, wanted us to come to Western Sizzlin in Mcalester,” she explained. “We went and listened, and I signed up for it.”

She signed up for aluminum insulation which was to be installed in the attic, as well as an ‘Energy Optimizer’, wired into the laundry room.

The two assumed all was well, until a heating and air technician took a look up in their attic this summer.

“He said, there’s a bunch of stuff rolled up up there,” said Melba. “That’s the first I had known it had not been installed properly.”

Their nearly $7-thousand purchase had been haphazardly tossed, installed with little rhyme or reason according to Vern.

“[Insulation] just in disarray, partially unrolled, still not installed,” added Vern.

So we took a closer look at the company, Innovative Energy Solutions.

According to the BBB, the company was run by a man named Rylee Meek, and had since closed their doors.

Mr Meek though has been hard at work, with numerous business ventures over the years. According to BBB and various records found online, he has had ties to:

-Innovative Energy Solutions – American Home Energy Audit LLC – American Alternative Energy LLC, – American Bathing Solutions – American Aging Solutions – 952Limos – Summit Partners Group

Services for the businesses ranged from insulation, to limo rentals. His most recent business venture involves stem cell injections.

“Good Lord,” said Vern, when hearing of all the businesses. “That is wild.”

But it’s been a bumpy ride for Rylee Meek. There’s currently a BBB alert out for his stem cell business.

He faced a civil lawsuit in North Dakota, for selling products without a proper license.

His company was also issued a cease and desist letter by the state of Minnesota, ordering the group American Aging Solutions to stop operating as a plumbing contractor.

We called numerous numbers trying to ask Mr. Meek about Melba’s attic.

One woman claiming to be a former employee of Innovative Energy Solutions returned our call, offering little insight. She would only tell our team that Rylee Meek had not been part of the company for some time, and said she wouldn’t be able to connect us directly with him.

Melba and Vern are now hoping to have their product properly installed, and are putting out a warning to Wewoka.

“You need to look into it,” said Melba. “Make sure you’re gonna get what you’re paying for.”

In Your Corner bottom line: double and triple check those home improvement companies before the work begins. Keep in mind the BBB is often a good place to start.