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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – In the heart of Midwest City, Keshia Carney had no idea News 4 was stopping by her home.

“She doesn’t ask for anything,” Donnie Lewis said. “God laid it on my heart to call In Your Corner.”

Keshia is stuck without a working heating or air system in the dead of winter.

“So I put a space heater in my room, one in my son’s room,” Keshia explained. “Then I’ve been using the fireplace.”

Her problems extend far beyond her aging air system. Keshia is fighting breast cancer for the third time after beating it two times before.

“Thought I was doing pretty good,” she said. “Then this summer, I thought it was a rash. Went to the doctor, it has metastasized, so I’m taking chemo again.”

Keshia’s story is a family struggle. Her family has been featured by Integris Hospital, with four relatives battling the same disease.

“If we knew something about their genetic makeup, that makes their sister, mothers, their daughter, at risk, what profound changes can we do in that family?” said Dr. Lara Theobald, in an online video on the hospital’s website.

“At this point, I can`t walk, or move around like I want to, or do like I want to at this moment,” said Keshia. “Cause I just don`t have the energy.”

She certainly doesn’t have the funds for a new air system, which is where News 4 stepped in.

Keshia believed our surprise visit was simply to share her story and hope for a generous donor. Soon after though, a knock came with a team of technicians on the other side of the door.

“I’m Terry with TS Heat and Air, heard you all might`ve had a little issue,” Terry Shinn explained to Keshia, after opening the door. “We thought we`d check it out, see if we can help you.”

“I appreciate y’all so much,” said Keshia, fighting back tears.

A quick check of the home brought a quick decision by Terry and his team.

“We`re gonna get you a brand new Lennox furnace, brand new Lennox air conditioner, they wanted to donate it to you,” he said. “And we’re gonna put it in for free.”

A free system, courtesy Lennox and TS Heat and Air. Any necessary electric work will be done free of charge by Heritage Electric.

“When Terry called and asked us if we`d get involved, it wasn’t a thought to it,” said Russell Shaver, with Heritage Electric. “There`s a lot of folks who need help, we’re glad we can help them.”

This help comes in the nick of time.

Keshia will soon have a toasty home for the holidays.