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OKLAHOMA CITY – Wednesday the In Your Corner team got to witness 4-year-old Flynn Bogg’s first ever ride on his very own therapeutic tricycle.

Flynn was born with a rare disorder.

He can’t walk, yet.

“It’s very exciting to see,” mom, Kasey said. “We’re hoping he’ll get walking very soon.”

Flynn’s new AmTryke was paid for and provided by the Edmond and Oklahoma City chapters of AMBUCS.

“To see these kids so happy,” AMBUCS member Tom Hatcher said. “It’s just, gets you down in your heart.”

OKC’s AMBUCS’ Co-President Dick Nowlin relishing the moment.

He said, “I mean you could feel him making the pedaling himself and then a minute ago he backed it up over here himself and I wasn’t even holding onto it.”

American Fidelity’s employees spent the whole month of February giving back to AMBUCS.

Andrea Buckelew is a long time American Fidelity employee and married to an AMBUCS member.

“It’s very exciting to see their faces light up and the wind in their hair kind of thing,” she said.”

Flynn is one step closer to being able to walk one day.  

Kasey said, “It’s an amazing that these people care about these kids with special needs so much.”