CAPE COD, Massachusetts (Storyful/KFOR) – Rescuers used soaking wet cooling blankets to protect seven white-sided dolphins from the scorching sun, that were beached on the coast of Cape Cod, Michigan, until rescuers could move them back out to sea.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare and AmeriCorps members made up the 40-member team that helped load and carry the dolphins back out the to the ocean. All seven measured six to eight-feet-long, with the heaviest weighing about 250 pounds.

IFAW officials say the area is very common to mass stranding events due to its hook shape and strong tidal fluctuations. The agency was alerted to the stranding early in the morning on May 18th, when beachgoers called the agency’s stranding hotline.

After tracking all seven dolphins via satellite after their release, IFAW stated the May 18th rescue was successful, and that all seven dolphins appear to be “doing great.”

“Our team faced the increased difficulty of rising waters, but we know from experience that it’s not an option to leave the dolphins in this area, because they often get caught in a repetitive cycle of tides and restrand,” said animal rescue officer Misty Niemeyer.

The IFAW said the dolphins are most likely younger males, which travel separately from females and calves.