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OKLAHOMA CITY – One person is dead following an officer-involved shooting in a gas station parking lot.

Around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, police received a call about a man who was allegedly harassing customers in the parking lot of the OnCue at Reno and MacArthur.

“A man was going around with a knife and a screwdriver, chasing the patrons in the parking lot,” Captain Bo Mathews with the OCPD said. “When officers arrived, they located this individual. He still had the knife and screwdriver in his hands.”

He also allegedly had a lighter. Witnesses told police the suspect was threatening to cut his own throat and even attempted to slash hoses at the gas pumps.

“They gave him orders to drop these instruments. He did not do that. A taser was utilized, also a bean bag shotgun was utilized in this incident. He continued to charge at the officers,” Capt. Mathews said.

After those non-lethal weapons wouldn’t stop him, one officer pulled out his gun and shot the suspect.

The suspect was later identified as 35-year-old Jacob Mohow.

“This individual is dead at the scene. This is a criminal investigation. Homicide and our crime scene unit our both out here. Now, completion of this investigation will be presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office,” Capt. Mathews said.

No officers or gas station customers were injured.

The officer who fired his gun, Sgt. Donald Koger, has been placed on paid administrative leave.