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OKLAHOMA CITY – Investigators conducted a new raid of attorney Keegan Harroz’s Oklahoma City home Tuesday evening.

Harroz is still locked up ahead of her federal trial while detectives search her house again for any clues in the triple-murder in Okmulgee County.

While officials there have refused to talk to News 4 for weeks, search warrants continue to show that Harroz and her boyfriend are still at the center of the investigation.

Surveillance video showed multiple officers waiting outside Harroz’s home Tuesday.
Neighbors told News 4 Harroz’s housekeeper let them inside, and they stayed for hours.

“There was another car parked on the street that had two girls in it. I did hear the one officer kind of poke his head in the car and tell them they were looking for new evidence,” neighbor Bryan Jones said.

The murder mystery still haunts the small community just north of Beggs where Jack and Evelynn Chandler, along with their daughter, Tiffany Eichor, were shot and killed in their home.

No one has been charged in their murders.

Eichor had a domestic violence case against her ex-boyfriend, Barry Titus, who’s now in a romantic relationship with his attorney, Keegan Harroz.

Harroz represented Titus in the case Eichor had against him.

Eichor never testified against Titus because he waived his right to a preliminary hearing in June.

Less than three months later, Eichor was dead.

Harroz and Titus had been living in her Northwest Oklahoma City home where last month investigators seized laptops, guns, boxes of ammunition, cell phones and a pair of white gloves.

“I was shocked when I came home and it was happening, and my wife told me what the neighbor had told her. Rumors were running rampant,” Jones said.

It’s unclear exactly what investigators seized this time from Harroz’s home.

Neighbors are anxious for answers.

“You don’t expect that to happen here,” Jones said.

Harroz is facing trial for federal firearms and ammunition charges, separate from the Okmulgee investigation.

She remains in the Logan County Jail.

Titus is also locked up on his previous domestic violence charges.