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SHAWNEE, Okla. – An animal hospital in Shawnee is stirring up emotions on Facebook with an anti-immigration message that has drawn sharp criticism from Native Americans.

Dr. Mike Steward likes to display “thought provoking” messages on the electronic billboard at his business.

This week, Steward typed this message into his sign:

“Political correctness – an ideology whereby stupidity supersedes truth! Apparently Trump studied history and is trying not to follow the Indians’ open border / unvetted immigration policies, taking a lot of casinos to rectify those disastrous policies.”

Inside the clinic, they’ve had some phone calls from angry Oklahomans.

“They just proceeded to say our sign was disgraceful to the state of Oklahoma and hung up on me,” said veterinary assistant Mandy Rodenberger.

Dozens of Facebook users commented after Jennifer Bell posted a video of the sign Thursday night.

“The Indians had an open door, unvetted immigration policy back in the day, and look at what happened to them. It was disastrous,” Steward said. “The ethnic cleansing the people did to the Indians was atrocious.”

Steward believes his message has been misinterpreted when it comes to Native Americans.

However, when it comes to refugees and immigrants, he stands with President Trump.

“These people are warring with one another and coming into our society. Are they doing to assimilate into our society, or are they going to change us to their ways? That’s a big concern,” Steward said.

He changes the sign every week.

Not even Trump is spared from this kind of provocation.

A few months ago, Steward posted a joke about Trump’s signature hair on his board.

“I try to play both sides of the fence. I put veterinarians love Donald Trump, because he puts a cat on his head,” Steward laughed.