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LITTLE AXE, Okla. – A 19-year-old man from Little Axe is facing a long and painful road to recovery.

David Fuqua says he remembers everything about an attack by five pit bulls in rural Cleveland County.

“Pit bulls came out of their yard and just started ripping me apart like I was lunch,” Fuqua says.

Fuqua says the attack lasted about five minutes, which was long enough for him to think about the end.

“It felt like they were eating me,” he added.

It was a sound and a feeling that he will never forget.

“I thought I was going to die. I gave up fighting and I just laid there and let them keep attacking me because I couldn’t fight no more,” Fuqua says.

Then, the dogs simply scampered away.

“Somebody just happened to drive up and they ran away,” Fuqua said.

Officials say owners are encouraged to keep their pets on their property, but there are no rules in this area.

“There are no rules for pets, so we encourage people living in the unincorporated parts of the county to go ahead and try and follow rules they might find in the city, such as trying to keep animals fenced in,” Undersherriff Rhett Barnett, with Cleveland County, said.

Now, Fuqua is recovering from the attack.

“Seven staples all together right here,” Fuqua said, showing his injuries.

Even after everything he’s gone through, he still has compassion for the animals that almost took his life.

“Most people think pit bulls are bad dogs, which they’re not. It’s the owners who train them like that,” Fuqua said. “I would love to have a pit bull. Pit bulls are my favorite dogs and to be attacked by five of them, blew me away.”

The animals are under quarantine at the homeowner’s property, so they haven’t been put down and it appears they will be allowed to live.

No charges have been filed yet.