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BOCA RATON, Fla. – A university in Florida is requiring students to answer very personal questions before they can attend classes.

Cheryl Soley is back in school getting a second degree at Florida Atlantic University.

Before she was allowed to enroll at FAU, she says she was required to take an offensive online questionnaire.

“It has to be changed. It is a total invasion of someone’s privacy,” said Soley.

Soley says the questionnaire asks students how many times they have had sex, including oral, in the last three months.

“It was like, ‘Wow, that is an odd question.’ Really?” she said.

It also asked Soley how many different people had she had sex with in the last three months.

Finally, it asked how many times she used a condom during sex in the last three months.

“This certainly can’t be what the college is asking me to answer, so maybe this is not legitimate,” she said.

However, the school says the questions are part of a required two-hour course called “Think About It.”

“These questions should not be asked of anyone,” she said.

An FAU spokesman says federal law requires all universities offer training to students about sexual assault and prevention and that universities throughout the nation are rolling out similar programs.

“I just don’t understand why questions pertaining to how many times I’ve had oral sex have anything to do with what is going on on campus,” she said.