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ALEX, Okla. – An Alex gun shop owner is in jail.

Frederic Spencer is accused of assault and battery and unlawfully pointing his firearms.

Police said Spencer has no criminal record and believe what happened Friday was the result of a bad day.

Alex Arms and Instruction is closed, as the owner sits in jail.

“He shouldn’t have done that,” said Zachary Gibbs, an alleged victim.

People who know Spencer said what he is accused of doing is out of character.

“If this happens the way that we’ve been told it happened, it is alarming,” said Tim Keef, Alex’s Police Chief.

Witnesses said the ordeal started along Highway 19.

“He was going slow, so we passed him. He claims that one of my friends in the backseat flipped him off,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs said, when he pulled into the Chisholm Corner gas station, Spencer was right behind him.

“He come out of the car and was like are you going to flip me off to my face and this and that. I mean, he was getting crazy about it, and my friend gets out and asks him what he was talking about,” Gibbs said.

Seconds later, he said Spencer pulled out an AR-15.

“He’s like swinging the butt of it at my friend. Then, when he goes to get back in his car, he hits my car, right here, the dent and then, when he hits it, he like puts his AR back up and then he pulls his loaded firearm and starts pointing it at people,” Gibbs told NewsChannel 4.

Around that time, police said a clerk ran out to help.

“Whenever she got closer, he was like hey you need to stop. He grabbed her and like threw her down and then pointed the gun and was like get out of the way or I’ll shoot you,” Gibbs said.

“One of the boys, at that time, also had made a move toward him, and I guess he aimed the gun at him and told him to back off and, that time, he got in his vehicle and left,” Keef said.

Spencer was arrested at his home a short time later.

Gibbs is still upset about the dent left in his car but grateful no one was hurt.

“If you’re going be out of rage like that, you shouldn’t be able to own a gun shop for sure,” Gibbs said.

NewsChannel 4 spoke with Spencer’s wife.

She said she did not want to comment on the case at this time.

Police said Spencer told them, during the incident, he felt his life was in danger.