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GUTHRIE, Okla. – It was a terrifying trip to school for a group of Guthrie kids Wednesday morning.

Their bus was hit by a man police said was either drunk or high.

When police got to the scene, they had to do a double take.

Officers said he is the same guy who ran into a different school bus earlier this year.

“It is strange,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs with Guthrie Police.

Back in February, officers said Brian Downing, 44, ran a red light and hit a bus carrying around 20 students.

The kids were all okay.

Downing escaped with a wrecked truck and a citation.

Exactly three months down the road, Wednesday morning, there was another wreck with the same man but different bus.

Officers said Downing crashed a rental truck into a handicap bus while it was picking up a student.

He took off only to be stopped by Lt. Gary Haddock who is known to be in the right place at the right time.

“It doesn’t look like he’s been trying to target school buses. In fact, what he said was that he had fallen asleep and, based on his condition, it could have possibly happened,” Gibbs said.

When Gibbs got to the scene, he said it was apparent downing was intoxicated.

According to a police report, on him, police found “two syringe units” with “two lighters” and “two rubber bands used to tie off ones arm.”

Downing was handcuffed and, after a trip to the hospital, he was booked into jail.

Police said he is lucky he did not hurt himself or anyone else, and this should serve as a learning lesson.

“If somebody that we pull over we determine has been driving under the influence, they will be arrested, their vehicle is going to be either impounded or seized and it’s something we’re just not going to tolerate,” Gibbs said.

Police said they are waiting on Downing’s toxicology results.

He allegedly told police he left the accident scene to rush to the police department to tell officers what happened.

Guthrie’s superintendent said Wednesday morning’s wreck knocked off part of a reflector and will not cost them much.

The accident earlier in the year left the district with more than $5,400 in damage.