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She was the last person pulled from the rubble of the Murrah building, but 20 years later her struggle continues.

Though the years have come and gone, the memories of April 19th are still fresh in Brandy Ligon’s mind.

“Well me and a friend were down there getting social security cards,” said Ligons. “We heard the big boom…everything got black and it felt like I was spinning.”

Brandy’s world went dark, stuck listening to the surrounding horrors.

“I could hear babies crying, people crying, screaming…I didn’t think I was gonna make it.”

Miraculously, after more than 13 hours, the 15 year old was saved.

The last survivor pulled from the rubble, now on her road to recovery.

Two decades later, that road seems just as long as ever.

“It’s just been a struggle,” said Ligons.

Brandy’s now a mother of five, disabled, unemployed, and trying to make ends meet.

“After paying bills, I don’t have anything to do to enjoy life with my kids.”

For years, she says she’s reached out to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for help.

Though they have offered her aid, she claims she’s mostly had the run around.

“They’ve bought me and my kids a bed…they recently bought me a car,” said Ligons. “But it’s so hard to get any help from them.”

The foundation has millions of dollars set aside for survivors. Officials tell KFOR earlier this year, they placed $9-million into trusts.

A third of the trust money is set aside for scholarship programs, with the six million left saved for long term cases such as Brandy’s.

Problem is, Brandy’s fed up with the process.

“I just basically gave up on a lot of that,” said Ligons.

So for a woman who’s been through so much, this weekend’s anniversary is a testimony to how far she’s come, and how far she still has to go.

“It was just basically by the grace of God that I made it this far,” said Ligons.

Officials with the foundation say they’ll be reaching out to Brandy very soon, to learn more about her needs.

Brandy plans to attend Sunday’s ceremony, at her children’s request.

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