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STILLWATER, Okla. – It is finally up!

The G&M Body Shop in Stillwater has officially installed their Bumblebee statue at their west side location.

Last week we told you about the real-life Optimus Prime statue that was created at the G&M Body Shop.

The shop says that although the statue was originally built in Thailand, they completely overhauled it.

The statue was rebuilt, repainted, and reinforced at the G&M Body Shop, according to the shop’s Facebook page.

Fans of the Transformers series have shared photos of the Optimus Prime statue thousands of times, and we are sure they will do the same with the Bumblebee statue.

Many Oklahomans have said they plan on making a trip to Stillwater just to see these statues.

Optimus Prime is located at 2207 East 6th Ave in Stillwater and Bumblebee is located at 5104 West 6th in Stillwater.


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