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ENID, Okla. – A home invasion leads to gunfire after an Enid man caught the burglar in the act.

Kenneth Fischaber says he woke up Friday around 5 a.m. to what sounded like a “herd of cattle” upstairs in one of his bedrooms.

Fischaber, an Army veteran, says he grabbed his gun and went upstairs to check it out.

“I’m looking, and there’s stuff just scattered everywhere. I hear this, he says something, and he cursed,” Fischaber told News 4. “I look and he threw something at my head, it turned out was a book.”

Fischaber says he never expected to catch a burglar in that act.

He says he ducked to avoid the book, then the suspect ran right at him.

“He came right past me, my gun went off, and he dove in the bathroom,” Fischaber said. “I step back, I went to push the door open, and bang! a shell comes through the door. He says ‘I’ve got a gun too you SOB.’”

Fischaber says that’s when he called the cops.

He says eventually the suspect jumped out the bathroom window and took off.

Police say they found the suspect’s car abandoned at Wheatridge Rd. and Fox Drive, full of what they believe to be other stolen property.

Police later found him hiding in a nearby field.

Fischaber says he’s thankful police were able to catch the suspect.

“I would hate to go looking around every time I go to one of the barns, or the garage or something,” Fischaber said. “Wondering if someone was in there.”

Enid City Schools says it placed Glenwood and Prairie View Elementary on a temporary lockout while police were searching for the suspect, but that was lifted once he was caught.