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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The defendant’s family and more jailhouse inmates filled the last day of testimony in the trial against Robert Hashagen, accused of killing 94-year-old Evelyn Goodall.

Goodall was savagely beaten in her home in 2013. She couldn’t identify her attacker and died two days later from her injuries, blunt force trauma.

On Monday, Hashagen’s sister, Mindy Herndon, testified on his behalf.

She was a long time neighbor and close friend of Evelyn Goodall. Herndon considered Goodall family.

Meanwhile, Hashagen stayed with Herndon and her husband, Frank, on and off for years.

Herndon insisted Goodall had met Hashagen on multiple occasions, and that if the the woman suspected Hashagen was her attacker, she would have identified him before she died.

In court, both Herndon and her husband swore that Hashagen was asleep on the couch on the 2013 morning Goodall was attacked next door.

Prosecutors fired back that that’s not what they originally told investigators in interviews from after the cold case was picked up again. In fact, prosecutors argued that the couple never told investigators that he was asleep on the couch.

The defense’s witness list also included to Oklahoma County Jail Inmates who know Hashagen. 

Last week, another inmate testified against Hashagen, saying the defendant confessed to the crime, and that “she murdered herself.”

But on Monday, the defense’s two inmates called that informant a liar.

Closing arguments from both the state and the defense are scheduled for Tuesday morning, then jury will have to make its decision.

Hashagen is charged with first-degree murder.