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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City-based Jasco Products does just about everything when it comes to electronics.

“We design, develop, manufacture and distribute and market all sorts of consumer electronics, accessories, power and charging products,” Jasco Products CEO Jason Trice explained. “Most of your viewers probably have our products in their home under brands they would probably recognize, as some of America’s best brands and probably don’t even realize it.

With 400 employees based both here in Oklahoma City and around the world, doing right by the people who make the company just makes sense.

“We believe that our team members are our most valuable part of the company. They’re what makes the company click,” Trice said.

That cohesiveness is not something Jasco can take lightly now.

The CEO says the trade war with China with tariffs now in place actually make it even more important to get the best workers in the door.

“The reality is that they’re spending some of the best waking hours supporting the mission of Team Jasco. So, we’ve been on a path over the last several years of investing in our team members, really attempting to be the best place to work,” Trice told News 4.

With that mentality, Jasco just became a better place to work at.

The company voluntarily bumped up starting pay for its workers, even giving a profit-share, going from $13 an hour to $15.

“With $15 base plus a 15% incentive, that comes out to approximately $17.25 an hour for our starting team members,” said Trice.

That change goes into effect immediately.

“We believe [the change] will get great team members in the door, that will help us serve our customers with excellence, develop innovative products as well as help us deal with the challenges we face with tariffs and other issues,” Trice said.

In addition to the wage hike, the company is also upping its contributions to employees’ 401Ks, upgrading its health care coverage and giving fringe benefits like a wellness program and company fitness center for employees to use.

You can get a piece of the action, too, if you’re looking for a job.

“We’ve always got order pullers, distribution specialists, forklift drivers,” said Trice. “But we’ve also got some great office positions. We’ve probably got 15-20 open positions at any given time.”

That number is expected to jump as demand spikes with the quickly approaching holidays.

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