SOUTHERN FLORIDA (KFOR/Storyful) – “We’re going to smash it to bits and give it the treatment it deserves,” said a hammer-wielding Florida woman, of the porcelain gravy boat the Jewish couple was given with markings from Nazi Germany.

The couple’s son, Adam Feldman, posted the video to TikTok, writing, “My Jewish parents found an old gravy boat from Nazi Germany so this is what they did.”

Feldman told Storyful that his parents’ neighbor found the old gravy boat wrapped up at the bottom of a closet.

When that neighbor heard that his mother’s family had endured loss when Nazi Germany invaded Poland during the Holocaust, during which six million Jews were murdered, the neighbor gave the gravy boat to his parents to do with whatever they saw fit.

“They didn’t want it in the house. They contacted a few museums but there was no interest in it,” because the item was mass-produced and held little historical value. “They could have sold it for a few bucks but my mom said it would feel like blood money,” Feldman told Storyful.

Fearing that it might turn up in the hands of collectors with “dubious political sympathies,” the couple decided the gravy boat’s fate – smash it.

Just one swoop of the hammer shattered it to pieces.